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Monthly Archives: Maj 2010

Tday some photos from Bursa and Izmir.

Cumalıkızık is a village near Bursa which remembers Ottoman Empire period. Buildings are decorated in old way; also people look like from late centuries 🙂

We visited Cumalıkızık with expectation to see something very special, and we weren’t disappointed.

Today I wanted to put some photos from first day in Istanbul. On the photos are:turkish flag on Topkapy Square, mosaics in Topcapy Palace, Haga Sophia and Blue Mosque. Enjoy 🙂

Today I decided to put here some colorful photos. Not colorful like rainbow, but full of deep colors, without additional saturation. They are from various periods, but all from Poland. Enjoy!

There is one photo from preparing and some group photos… So enjoy 🙂

Parę zdjęć z pierwszej mini sesji Buket.