Przeskocz nawigację

13th of March we started our trip from Budapest to Ljubljana. We took a bus from Bp to Nagykanizsa and there we were trying to catch autostop.

First problem was – where the hell is highway. OK. Finally we found it on a map, but of course Paweł wanted to gto other direction and Patie couldn’t stand our sense of humor. Moreover – she had some problems with her „past” ;]. Fortunatelly we mannaged to each highway but… without exit and entrance. To the closest entrance we had to go down the road in mood and bushes fo half an hour. Finally we found the right place to stop someone and after hour of waiting and making jokes about Swedish (me), Jewish (Paweł) and Thailand (Pat) on the Hungarian highway one great couple took us to Ljubljana. We spent there 5 great days full of parties, meeting new people and lots of fun.

Thank You Ljubljana!

Let’s go to Croatia :]


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