Przeskocz nawigację

First of all – I would like to kindly say „thanks” for Nebo for picking us  up by car in Croatia, taking to Montenegro, guiding in Kotor and spending all those great moments together.

That was really pleasure to meet You. Hope to see You soon 🙂

How did we get to Kotor? That was very simple… hehehe. We were hitchhiking for 400km during one day :). Firstly from Split to Ploce. Than with Nebo from Ploce to Kotor. Simple, but he was our last hope this day and he didn’t disappoint us :).

The road was really great. I can recommend travelling by via Adriatica to everyone who loves beautifull landscapes, and wants to feel some adventure. Just give up travelling by motorway and enjoy the nature on the coast. Believe me, You will not regret 🙂


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