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Today again some photos from Turkey. Some of them are in HDR with a lot of smoothing.

On a photos are Haga Sophia, Blue Msque, Pergamon and flag on Topkapy Square in Istanbul and Pergamon. So Enjoy 🙂

(To watch photos, click on them.  I write it, cause some of people really didn’t know :D)

Tday some photos from Bursa and Izmir.

Cumalıkızık is a village near Bursa which remembers Ottoman Empire period. Buildings are decorated in old way; also people look like from late centuries 🙂

We visited Cumalıkızık with expectation to see something very special, and we weren’t disappointed.

Today I wanted to put some photos from first day in Istanbul. On the photos are:turkish flag on Topkapy Square, mosaics in Topcapy Palace, Haga Sophia and Blue Mosque. Enjoy 🙂